Writing Update

I’m still continuing to develop the plot line a little bit more, working on a detailed outline before I actually create the manuscript. Been reading up on the Roman Empire and been formulating ideas on how I can develop a plot that could possibly turn it into a trilogy.

In the mean time, I’ve also been developing a mantra book of my own. I’m not sure if I’ll publish it or just give it out as gifts to friends but the plan is to write mantras with watercolor in the background of lotuses, and trees, and possibly fairies.

A group of people on Facebook decided to start NaNoDreaming for the month of December for those of us who weren’t able to meet the NaNoWriMo deadline, I haven’t been too great at checking in but it’s another motivation for me to get going and keep writing. On the side, I’m also taking part in online classes to receive my teacher’s certification for either TESL or TOEFL.

On Instagram, I’ve been participating in a challenge which has helped me continue to journal on personal self-awareness. It’s called #BeYOU2ful and I’m completely in love with the movement! Today’s prompt was to write about all the reasons why I love myself and I’d love to share that on this entry:

I love me because I don’t give up not even when I feel like I’m at the brink of darkness, I still keep moving forward.

I love me because I am courageous and loving. I work full-time in a job that not everyone wants to take and that’s because I’m passionate about helping other human beings reach their potential. Everyone has a meaning of success and I want to help people reach their success.

I love me because I am worthy of love. The fallacy that existed in my head for so many years was only causing me to self-deprecate and feel miserable. But today, I can look at myself in the mirror honestly and say “I love you. You are beautiful.”

My first name Erika means royalty and that’s how I feel inside, noble but humble. I am not above anyone else, I want to help and love other people. And that is my life mission, is to help heal the world, just through my writing or with my actions…or even with education. Just be a little trickle in the water.